Tell us about your business; how successful is it and why is it unique?

Seth has owned and operated Old World Tattoo since he was in his teenage years. Today he has a wife, children, a home of 11 years, and an established business. Many Google reviews/comments have been written about his quality of work. With customers coming back year after year to have an additional tattoo, piercing or introduce a friend or family member in the world of art in tattooing. Seth has an impressive portfolio and unique advertising scheme. His advertising workmanship is displayed on men and women of all ages, who proudly will tell you that Seth from OWT is the best!

How is your business involved with the community you serve?

Old World Tattoo takes pride with involvement in our community. We sponsor events such as; MMA fighters, Jason “The Dragon” Lee, Music Events, Fundraisers, and school activities for the kiddos. Every October for the past 4 years, the Artists at Old World Tattoo have been invited back to the school of Betty Adams Elementary to do Face Painting on the children. Something we love and enjoy giving back to our community! We have donated to the INsight at Standley Lake High School, The Arvada High School Band and Orchestra. Serving the community has been in our hearts and to have the satisfaction that we made a difference is very rewarding.

Come visit us today at 8431 Turnpike Dr., Westminster, 800031.  Or Call to schedule your appointment today: 303-431-6763