We have a minimum price of 50.00 per individual tattoo.  This price reflects our standard of one time use supplies and our proven methods of ensuring a clean and sterile piece of art. The price of a tattoo increases based on size and detail.

The price may vary depending on the individual artist performing the tattoo service.

Old World Tattoo only uses the finest quality of inks including Eternal Color, Roan shading ink, Dynamic Black, as well as many other varieties, we offer over 50 colors from pastel to neon, even Skin Candy black light uv reactive ink.



Minimum price for a piercing is $30. The price increases depending on the type of jewelry and placement of piercing.

Our piercer specializes in any piercing from the waist line up. Including but not limited to industrials, rooks, septum, and anti-tragus, and stretching of existing piercings.

We have over 1,000 pieces of jewelry to choose from in stock.



Dermal Anchors minimum price is $60 and increases depending on quantity and jewelry chosen.

What is a dermal anchor you may ask?   A dermal anchor is a small piece of jewelry designed to be implanted into the body area and is held or “anchored” in place by the surface tissue “dermal” around it.